Hedges for the Basta Farm


In Oderbruch, on the Basta Farm, community-supported agriculture is practised on the fields. In addition, educational events and workshops on topics such as agricultural transformation, food production, sustainability, and ecology are offered.

Since the autumn of 2022, the foundation has been supporting the Basta Farm with funding for the establishment and maintenance of an agroforestry system. Edible hedges and trees were planted on the farm, including the following:

  • Herbs: including stonecrops, lungwort, cranesbill, bistort, comfrey
  • Semi-shrubs and large shrubs: including thyme, silverberry, hazelnut, willow
  • Trees: apple, white willow, bee-bee tree

In addition to the hedge beds, a catch crop mix (insect paradise) was planted to become an attractive site for insects due to its diversity. A fence was erected as protection against browsing before planting. The hedges were irrigated several times with a drip irrigation system in the following weeks.

Positive impacts through the agroforestry system:

  • Erosion and wind protection
  • Year-round shelter for soil organisms and insects
  • Creation of new habitats
  • Promotion of species diversity and biodiversity

With the support of this project, the Daniel Schlegel Umweltstiftung contributes to establishing more agroforestry areas as part of regenerative agriculture in Germany.

Planting of edible hedges and trees (approx. 1,200 m²)
Letschin in Brandenburg, Germany
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