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Information for applicants

We use a 2-step application process for funding requests in order to make the effort as manageable as possible for all parties involved.
Please submit the completed funding request form as a first step. On the basis of this request, your project will be examined internally by the foundation. You will receive the acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail. If the project complies with the funding principles and the funding opportunities of the Daniel Schlegel Umweltstiftung, you will be asked to submit a complete grant application for your project in a second step.

Please understand that we do not process informal inquiries.

Note: We need approximately 4 weeks for the internal review of a funding request. We aim to complete the review and processing of a funding application in a maximum of 6 weeks. Please do not make any inquiries in the meantime.


Information for applicants

According to our statutes, we can only support non-profit organizations. The non-profit status must be proven with a valid notice of exemption from the responsible tax authority.

Private individuals and private companies are generally not eligible for funding.

What is funded

The purpose of the Daniel Schlegel Umweltstiftung is to promote nature conservation and landscape conservation, environmental protection and environmental education.

The foundation’s purpose is realised through the promotion of measures and projects which:

Where is funding available?

The foundation supports projects worldwide. We aim for a funding distribution of 50% in Germany, 30% in Europe and 20% in the world.

We have already successfully implemented projects in Germany, Bosnia, Romania, Cape Verde, Rwanda, Uganda, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and the Philippines.


What is not funded

The Daniel Schlegel Umweltstiftung does not fund projects that have already been started.

Funding amount

As a relatively small foundation, we seek to spread our funding across multiple regions and multiple funding targets. For this reason, we limit the maximum funding per measure to approximately €20,000/year.

Submit funding request

Please save our funding request form to your computer. Edit the form with a PDF viewer and return the completed form to the Daniel Schlegel Umweltstiftung.

Frequently asked questions

Normally, we work directly with local organizations or initiatives in the projects. Project partners are social organizations, environmental organizations and, in principle, people who care about the protection of nature. However, due to tax regulations, we can only accept applications from non-profit organizations. If you, as a private person, have a project idea that basically corresponds to the contents of our statutes, please find out in advance whether there is a non-profit organization that would like to support you in your project and can accept the funds on your behalf.

If funding is generally possible, we always require proof of the recipient organization's non-profit status before providing any funds.

In principle, we can only support non-profit projects. In terms of content, the project must fit in with the goals and working methods of the foundation and be unambiguously oriented towards our thematic priorities (see statutes). In addition, the following characteristics are important to us: leverage effect, participatory approach (help for self-help), development potential, transparency, efficiency, sustainability, ecological impact.

For an initial assessment, we need some basic information about your project. Please only use our grant application form for this purpose. Informal enquiries by e-mail or telephone will not be processed.

If your project can in principle be funded by us, we will contact you and ask you to prepare a full funding application with detailed and comprehensive information.

In the context of a full funding application, we need concrete information about the costs incurred. The cost overview makes it easier for us to assess a possible cooperation.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the receipt of your request.

Your request will be carefully reviewed by us. As soon as the review process has been completed, you will receive feedback from us by e-mail.

The timing of the disbursement(s) is agreed individually with the project partner in each project.

If any issue is unclear, please feel free to send an e-mail to

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