Colourful meadow orchard for Alfhausen

A former farmland in the region around Alfhausen in Lower Saxony is now 20 trees richer. To achieve this, we joined forces with friends and planted the old fruit varieties ourselves. There are now twelve different apple varieties and eight plum trees in the meadow. The food was provided by neighbours who were also actively involved in the planting. The atmosphere at the event was relaxed and harmonious, the fresh air was wonderful and the pleasant weather was also kind to us.

Fruit trees are gradually disappearing from our landscape. Hundreds of years old fruit varieties are also being lost, and with them important characteristics such as disease resistance. That is why the preservation of old varieties is enormously important. The meadow orchard is a blessing for biodiversity, as it is home to numerous animal and plant species. In addition, the trees serve as protection against strong winds. In general, the landscape is enriched.

In addition, the new fruit meadow is an excellent destination for excursions in the context of environmental education. For local kindergartens and school classes, guided tours, courses on environmental protection and smaller work assignments are to be organised. The so important care and watering of the young trees will be taken over by the direct residents and neighbours.

…followed next year by the planting of 20 more great fruit trees.

Population of valuable meadow orchards decreases more and more
Plantation of 40 fruit plants
Promotion of biodiversity & preservation of old, resistant fruit varieties
Alfhausen in Lower Saxony
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