Wilderness Tracking: Pettenkofer Primary School


In September 2023, three multi-grade groups from the Pettenkofer Primary School started participating in the Wilderness Tracking. There is great joy among the teaching staff about the project and anticipation for further appointments.

Positive developments and lessons learned

⭐ Children like to participate in the games and ask interested questions during conversations
⭐ Wilderness mentor and team reach and inspire the children

Special occurrences

✅ Pupil fell into the water, but was provided with dry clothes and could be further motivated

Quotes from the class teachers

🗨️ “The atmosphere was great.”
🗨️ “Rüdiger was very responsive to the needs of the pupils.”
🗨️ “He (Rüdiger) picked up on situational interests of the children and deepened their curiosity.”

The start of the children at the Pettenkofer Primary School was highly positive. It seems that Rüdiger and his team have immediately established a good connection with the children. The children welcome games and conversations and develop a deeper curiosity for different topics in nature.

Participating groups:
➔ 4th, 5th and 6th grade (since September 2023)
Place: Friedrichshain, Berlin
Cooperation with: School management
Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash
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