Support for the environmental policy work of GermanZero

When the representatives of 195 Parties agreed on a climate target at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015, there was great jubilation among the participants. Among other things, man-made global warming is to be limited to well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels. What has happened since then at the political level in Germany to achieve the set goal? The answer is as simple as it is disappointing: too little.

Without the Corona pandemic, Germany would have missed its 2020 climate targets by miles. So far, hardly any policy measures have been enacted to ensure the achievement of the Paris climate goals. In response to the failure of the German government, GermanZero is pushing for a "democracy from below" and has taken the inaction of politicians as an opportunity to draft effective legislation itself. In three steps, the aim is to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and achieve climate neutrality in Germany by 2035. The steps are as follows:

Involved Parties

Daniel Schlegel Umweltstiftung
  • Development of a climate plan
  • Translation of the measures into a legislative package
  • Political implementation of the laws (in the election year 2021)

The climate plan was prepared by GermanZero in intensive exchange with leading political and environmental experts. Legal experts were involved in drafting the corresponding legislation. The individual implementation packages concern the seven sectors of energy, industry, transport, buildings and heat, agriculture and use, individual climate plan and international compensation.

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In a strong bottom-up movement, tens of thousands of supporters will bring the climate bill to the attention of members of parliament and candidates in person, presenting them with a simple "yes or no" decision. The Daniel Schlegel Umweltstiftung supports the work of GermanZero because the time for words is over and only concrete actions help in the fight against the climate crisis. The three steps to achieve the goals are convincing and promise great effectiveness. We firmly believe that in the course of the election year, political rethinking can be achieved with climate plans, draft laws and great pressure from below from society.