Wilderness tracking at the Carl-Bolle elementary school


City children are removed from nature, hardly any knowledge about plants or animals exists

Learning about nature in a playful way, collecting nature experiences
Carl Bolle Primary School


Own project since autumn 2021

Funded by donations from the Deutsche Postcode Lottery

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It is hard to imagine that some city children cannot tell a swan from a duck. Knowledge gaps and disconnection from nature are unfortunately not an isolated case among many adolescents. Children lose their appreciation for nature and do not understand the consequences, for example, when they dispose of their rubbish on green spaces.
Particularly in deprived areas, families have few opportunities to take their children on excursions into the green countryside or even to nearby parks. Often there is already a lack of interest in nature on the part of the parents.

Thanks to our wilderness tracking, we enable elementary school students to regularly explore nearby green spaces together with a wilderness educator. The first school from Berlin-Moabit started in the fall of 2021. It is important to us to awaken curiosity for nature in the children, so that they learn with a lot of fun and on their own initiative. During the hours spent together in the fresh air, the children go in search of clues in the urban wilderness. For example, they match prints left in the sandbox to specific animals, smell flowers, feel leaves, listen for distinctive bird calls, and learn about the characteristics of the four seasons. To record their new impressions, we provide the children with a small wilderness diary for important notes. This way they can tell their parents or siblings about their experiences in the evening.

The feedback from the children was very positive at the end of the day. They had fun with the games and with nature. 

Teacher at the Carl Bolle Primary School

We are pleased that we can thus get city children more excited about nature again and impart important knowledge to them in a playful way. With this programme, we are laying a foundation for a more sensitive society that wants to live more in harmony with nature and preserve our environment.

To make the wilderness tracking possible, we sincerely thank the Deutsche Postcode Lotteriefor their financial support.

Discover nature, arouse curiosity