Tree planting in Fundacion Natura's El Silencio reserve in Colombia


Drought and deforestation of ecologically important Andean forests

2,676 trees from 16 different native tree species

3 years of care & protection by park rangers

Renaturation of former pasture area, water resource recovery, biodiversity


El Silencio Nature Reserve in Colombia

Donation of € 12.400

Fundación Natura

The Colombian NGO Fundacion Natura has been involved in nature conservation since 1984. This makes them an absolute pioneer in Colombia in the field of environmental protection. One of the nature reserves of the non-profit organisation is "El Silencio" in the central Andes. The reserve is officially recognised by the government as a private nature reserve.

Thanks to a donation of 12,423.60 euros from the Daniel Schlegel Umweltstiftung, Fundacion Natura was able to plant 2,676 trees in the reserve. They received support from many volunteers. Among the seedlings were 16 different native species. In the following three years, care will be provided for the seedlings to create the best conditions for growth. Fundacion Natura's own park rangers protect the site and the plants.

The reserve is used by many people from the city and the whole surrounding area as a recreational area on weekends. Fundacion Natura basically pursues the ecological restoration of Andean forests and the conservation of water resources in the reserve. Since 2010, degraded pastures there have been converted into forests with the help of ecological restoration techniques. This strengthens biodiversity. In addition, the participation of volunteers in the planting measures raises awareness of the importance of a healthy forest. After all, restoring forests into intact ecosystems cools the planet and is an effective measure against the climate crisis.